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You are doing a good job. I know you’re working to provide while trying to survive. I know you’re balancing sticky fingers and dirty laundry. Battling anxiety of the unknown – anxiety of the known. I know you feel like you are slipping; that instead of having a list completely checked off, your list has grown into something unknown and messy – that instead of slaying the day you’re on repeat living the same day over and over.

What is even happening?

But hey…you’re doing great. You woke up. You spent the day with the most important, most beautiful, most precious little humans – who absolutely adore you. Yeah, things go messy. You are probably more annoyed than you’ve ever been. You are probably being pushed to a place you thought you had chosen not to go. You are feeling crowded yet isolated – grief and crazy joy. It’s a weird time to be alive. But, you are alive and they are alive, and at the end of all this they will still be so in love with you.