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Do you ever have a moment that just makes your insides burst with joy and your outsides belly laugh…really belly laugh?

We – my husband and I were walking out of our kids’ elementary school one morning. That particular morning we parked our white jeep wrangler on the school’s soccer field (because event stuff, pta, carline, etc etc. these details are not important). So as we are entering the field, we realize we are the only ones left. So, it’s just us (5 ft 2 me and 6 ft 1 my husband) the jeep, and an empty field. Its cloudy and windy and slightly raining. I kid you not. I look up (this is why I stated my height vs. my husband’s earlier)  and my husband’s fist is pumped in the air (Yes like Judd Nelson at the epic end of The Breakfast Club). I busted out laughing. He smiled.


But then I was like “hold on on the the count of three we have to jump in the air and do it at the same time” 


1, 2, 3


We did it and I hope I never forget it.