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   It’s funny how one photo can be so full of smells, sounds, and feelings.

   Terra Cotta colored tiles covered their back patio. Big tiles – probably about 12in X 12in. A couple along the edges are chipped. There’s talk about the new wind chimes. Someone slides the glass door opening and immediately a raspy voice yells “Make sure ya close the door all the way”. The grill is on. Gas, a classic small Char Broil grill. Smells like burgers and charcoal. Up on the patio there is a small table with 2 baskets on it. The baskets have napkins lining them. One has lays potato chips and one has small pretzels. Both are a little stale. They were always stale. I’m half sitting half laying on a off-white vinyl strap lounge chair slightly off the deck on the edge of the yard. I am mesmerized at how uncomfortable the chair is. My little feet keep getting stuck in between the straps and if I lay face down i can stick my arms all the way through and touch the grass beneath me. My skin feels stickier and stickier the longer I stay on the chair and when I get up I feel like a bandaid being pulled off of someone else’s skin.