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To Be Loved

As a kid - people asking, what do you want to do. I could've cared less. I just wanted someone who cared for me - an epic love someone to wake up next to and tell me I'm pretty, smart. enough. I got that. I will die accomplishing everything I ever wanted.


TonightWashing out a marinara sauce jarWhile you play with the dogHow domesticHow perfectI set it on the counter. Maybe ill use it to store something like coffee beans

I Go Down to the Shore – Mary Oliver

I Go Down to the Shore – Mary Oliver

There's a poem I recently read - and I am not sure how I've not read it until now or read the author, Mary Oliver until now but it left an impression - and I will carry it with me every time we visit the ocean. Today we went to the beach and the sibling rivalry was...

Rachel’s Mini Maternity Session

Rachel’s Mini Maternity Session

This one's near and dear to my heart. If you know Rachel you know three things. You know she is beautiful (I mean c'mon - gorgeous). You know that she is a creator and artist at heart and in everything she does - right down to her handwriting on her calendar. And, the...