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Hi! We Are the Moreys.

Hi there! We are the Moreys. We are loving raising our three little ones and 2 doodles in the Sunshine City of St. Petersburg, FL. We do all the regular stuff – eating, beaching, couch-potato-ing, date nighting. And we do a bunch of creative stuff too like photography, branding, building websites, and music (We are BIG music lovers.)I Click around and join along as we tell our story.

These moments are so precious to us – and every once in a while we tote our camera along. Check out our photo diaries. A picture is worth a thousand words right?

I think we sometimes forget that all of us parents are in the same boat. Though we may feel like we are drifting around in our own little canoes, passing each other by, waving each other along…. or in some cases a large ships in the midst of raging storms and a tumultuous sea. But here’s what I have learned in the short (almost) 6 years I’ ve been a mom. Kindness is the key to parenting…